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Why choose GOLS EdTech?

GOLS EdTech invites you to join our reseller program and become part of an innovative community transforming learning worldwide. As a GOLS LMS Reseller, you gain access to cutting-edge eLearning solutions, empowering you to offer top-tier Learning Management Systems to your clients.

Benefits of being a GOLS LMS Reseller

Leading Technology

Access GOLS LMS, a feature-rich, scalable, and user-friendly platform backed by over a decade of industry expertise.

Diverse Market Reach

Tap into a vast market by offering GOLS LMS to diverse industries, including education, corporate, healthcare, and more.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy competitive reseller pricing, allowing you to maximize profits while delivering exceptional value to your clients.

Sales and Marketing Support

Benefit from our comprehensive sales and marketing resources, including presentation (ppt) and feature list .

Training and Onboarding

Receive thorough training on GOLS LMS functionalities and features to confidently represent the product to your clients.

Dedicated Support

Access priority support from our dedicated team to address any inquiries, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your clients.

Flexible Partnership Models

Choose from flexible partnership models that suit your business structure, whether you're an individual consultant, an agency, or a technology reseller.

Innovative Features

Leverage GOLS LMS's innovative features, including real-time analytics, customizable interfaces, and advanced reporting, providing a competitive edge in the market.

How to Become a GOLS LMS Reseller!

Express Your Interest

Reach out to our Reseller Program team expressing your interest in becoming a GOLS LMS Reseller.

Application Review

Our team will review your application and contact you to discuss potential collaboration.

Onboarding and Training

Once accepted, undergo onboarding and training sessions to familiarize yourself with GOLS LMS features and best practices.

Start Reselling

Begin offering GOLS LMS to your clients, providing them with a powerful eLearning solution.

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