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prefer to work with us

Veteran in eLearning industry from last 20+ years

Our expertise is unmatched coupled with innovation due to our presence of 20+plus years in the eLearning industry..

We change so you dont - highly customized to match your business flow

With the changing times and technology advancements, our highly customized solutions adapt to your unique needs, thereby ensuring seamless integration and effortless success.

Feature rich to offer Off the shelf features and capabilty to build custom features too

Our in-house expert team has the capability of developing an entire course library on various topics which can be readily used. Additionally, tailor-made solutions are also our strongest forte.

Ease of UI and UX for seamless admin and learner adaption

Experience intuitive navigation and effortless learner engagement with our platform’s ease of UI and UX .

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Effective learning is the cornerstone of organizational growth. GOLS LMS’s state-of the-art technologies provides impactful training.

We operate across borders beyond limits

Our exceptional solutions are delivered worldwide. Get ready to experience our global expertise and innovation without boundaries.

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Product & Services Information

eLearning Consulting

GOLS eLearning Consulting delivers strategic insights, tailored solutions, comprehensive support, industry expertise, and innovative strategies for effective digital learning implementations.

Learning Management System

GOLS’s ready-to-use LMS offers swift set up, an intuitive interface, robust multimedia features, mobile-ready, etc. GOLS’s Custom LMS provides bespoke solutions, flexible scalability, comprehensive support and many other features.

Customised Content Development

GOLS specialize in custom course development, with tailored content developed to client's specific needs ensuring high level learners’ engagement to deliver impactful learning experiences.


Key LMS Features

Scorm Tincan API
Blended Learning
Extended Enterprise
Fully Customizable
Mobile Compatible
User Friendly
Sell Courses Online
Interactive Video
Virtual Classroom
Advanced Reports
Social Learning
Learning Paths
Multilanguage LMS
In-Built Authoring tool

With our experience we will serve you

Benefit from our decades of experience as we commit to serving you with excellence and innovation.

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