Enterprise eLearning & Development Solutions

Enterprise eLearning & Development Solutions - Overview
We are living in a knowledge economy. The most important asset of an organisation is its people. However, there is a difference in how physical assets grows and how human capital grows. Whilst, physical assets like Land and money kept in bank account, grows over a period of time, even by doing nothing, the human capital of an organisation diminishes, becomes obsolete or even become an impediment to the progress and prosperity of an organisation if done nothing. The onlyway an organisation can increase its human capital is by nurturing its people and by transforming itself as a learning organisation.
Our enterprise learning solutions help you to do just this and more. Our “Enterprise eLearning & Development Solutions” provide a system for continuous learning & development, do skill-gaps analysis, provide roadmap to bridge this skill-gap and continuously upgrade skill sets. The idea is to meet business goals and deliver high ROI. By the very act of establishing a learning organisation, one can raise competitiveness of any organistaion. As per various studies conducted by experts, this is also the single biggest contributory factor in the success of any organisations.
GOLS empowers your employees, your channel partners and your customers by working hand-in-hand to design, build and operate your very own learning organisation or what is known in corporate parlance - Virtual Corporate University (CorpVarsityâ„¢).
As an end-to-end solution provider, GOLS combines years of experience and comprehensive domain knowledge with technology and content.

Enterprise eLearning & Development Solutions Provider

What is a CorpVarsityâ„¢?
Put simply, it is an organisation’s virtual training and development zone. It is the single most important tool in transforming an organisation into a ‘learning organisation’. It helps institutionalise learning as a most important tool to achieve corporate objectives. Although, it can also be described as a knowledge management tool, it differs from other knowledge management tool as it offers both formal (structured) and informal knowledge management with tools like competency mapping, course tracking, monitoring, testing and certification.
To add to its utility, GOLS also offer its integration with other systems like HRMS (Human Resources Management System), PMS (Performance Management System) and ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning).
Functionally, it is an environment that empowers training managers to deliver training across geography without having to travel to far off lands. At the same time it enables a training experience that is not inferior to traditional classroom based training. Employees from across an organisation can log on to their corporate varsity and avail induction training, learning about new products, pricing strategies, or learn a foreign language.