eMeet™ - Web conferencing – Live Virtual Classroom (LVC)

Harness the unlimited powers of online technology. An extremely scalable web conferencing / Live Virtual Classroom solution that offers you integrated audio / video over IP. eMeetâ„¢ uses advance technology to enable seamless communication. If you are not already using it, chances are you are missing out on a lot. At least your business is. Using eMeetâ„¢, you can conduct meetings and conferences through the World Wide Web using internet. Using just a PC and a web browser, you can initiate a meeting / conference / classroom simply at the click of a mouse. A few possibilities are:
  • Interact in real-time with geographical dispersed employees, business associates and customers
  • Deliver right multimedia presentations to partners, vendors and customers across the globe
  • Make effective product demonstrations to anyone, anywhere from the comfort of your office
  • Save on costs associated with travelling, accommodation, booking venues etc.
A LVC mimics physical classroom but is delivered over the internet. The objectives of a LVC is to improve the quality and effectiveness of education by using the computer to support a collaborative learning process between Learners and instructors to participate through the medium of internet. Most LVCs also give facility of Archived classes.
  • Integrated audio and video conference over IP
  • Scalability
  • Application sharing (Sharing any computer software application for training)
  • PowerPoint slides with animations and video
  • Real time feedback mechanism
  • White boards
  • Instant surveys
  • Web Safari (Taking students on a website during the class for demonstration / information purpose)
  • Recording facility And more…
Application Areas
  • Induction, sales, product / process training, quality system and language training etc.
  • Training for roll—out of any enterprise solutions like ERP, SCM, DWDM etc.
  • Rapid content creation by end-users (eLearning 2.0)
  • Conference and events
  • Support to learners And more…
  • Data streams prioritised (Voice, control, content, video)
  • Full function IP multicast, as well as a mix of unicast / multicast
  • High compression audio & video
  • Data stream that adapts to your connection speed
  • Automatic re-connection upon losing connection
  • Smart content deployment – using rich media across networks
  • Intelligent content streaming (pre-cached)