System and Training Administration

Choosing the right partner in your eLearning journey can be a challenge with the dynamically changing business environment. You need a single partner to carry out local system and training administration to free up your time to concentrate on your core business activities.

We provide on-site / off-site support (via remote login) administration support to manage your eLearning systems and marry your ILT programs with eLearning initiatives.

We also provide tools and techniques to schedule and roster training programs, follow-up with learners, generate reports with filters on Location, Department, Designation, Branch / Office code, etc. We have also developed a unique facility by which reports would be auto generated and sent on a fixed schedule to you. Onsite support would include deploying GOLS technical specialists on your site for a period mutually decided. The support person would not only conduct training for the Admin, but also debug problems related to the eLearning system on your intranet if our eLearning systems are deployed on your servers.