Help Desk and Technical / Admin and Academic Support

One of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining an enterprise learning program is the delivery of technical / admin support to training managers and end-users. As part of GOLS unique approach to Managed Learning Services, a service assistance is available 16x7 via telephone, e-mail and live text chat for all technical and admin-related issues. We create a self help demo with voiceover and screen shots to help the client.
Help Desk Services :
Both Offsite / Onsite Technical Support (for behind the firewall (BTF) or customer owned Learning System)
  • GOLS can provide the support from its 16x7 customer support center setup for the client on all aspects including technical and administrative issues
  • Help desk support using remote login for problems which cannot be resolved over the telephone or email
Education & Training Support :
GOLS has multi industry capabilities thanks to its partnership with domain training institutions (e.g. Indian School of Petroleum), industry associations, universities and institutions (e.g. AMITY University), companies focused on respective domains (like Auralog, France, for foreign languages) and industry experts (Banking courses, BPO courses). As a result GOLS can also provide academic/training support to learners online / offline. For a complete expertise in academics please see our full list of industry served.