On Demand / Software As A Service / Application Service Provider Hosted / Pay Per Use Services

GOLS hosted SAAS / ASP solution saves you the trouble of infrastructure procurement / maintenance / up-gradation (Servers, Bandwidth, IDC collocation, OS, Databases, LMS, LCMS, LVC etc.). This value added service from GOLS allows our customers to start off small in their eLearning journey and then scale up big by opting for your own set up (Behind the Firewall or BTF) or remain hosted on our servers. We offer hosted services for:
  • LMS
  • LVC
  • Assessments and Surveys
  • Testing and Compliance Certification
  • Readymade off-the-shelf courses in 16 industry domains
You have the choice of combined Hosted costs of LMS / LVC and Technical / Administrative support cost per user per month / per annum with discount on bulk user or price for one or more of the systems usage separately. In addition, you get any time access to reports from your desktops.
Benefits of Our On Demand Offering:
  • ASP converts CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) into OPEX (Operations expenditure). Thus helps you to manage your cash flow efficiently. This is especially relevant during tough times when cash is king
  • It is quick to implement and reduces time to market compared to Behind the Firewall (BTF) installation which involves long gestation period in finalizing RFP, calling for bids, evaluation, awarding of contract, implementation etc.
  • It helps you minimize risks associated with BTF implementation and helps to get feel of eLearning without substantial costs and associated risk
  • It develops familiarisation and necessary expertise of enterprise system with minimal risk and investments. You can then opt for the same system on ownership or adopt different system as is suitable
  • It eliminates the need for cumbersome installation. Customers do not require specific operating system or a set up
  • It reduces costs and hassles associated with in-house technicians. IT services are all outsourced
  • It improves your ROI. You need not be committed to certain software when you are paying monthly fees to GOLS
  • It provides all the benefits of outsourcing. This model allows you to focus on your core competencies rather than computer systems
7 Big Advantages of ASP Hosted
  • Pay as you use
  • No cumbersome IT infrastructure
  • Up and running in days
  • Instant scaling up or down without hassles!
  • Free upgrades
  • Security as per highest norms
  • Access from anywhere, anytime