ASSESSâ„¢ - Online Testing Solutions

“Testing whether for pre-hire, post-hire or certification is an essential activity for HR. You need a tool which is always on, stores and retrieves data easily and tests on voice, programming skills, software skills and does scenario based testing. ASSESS™ does all this and more, effectively and efficiently.”
- Shailesh H. Mehta, eLearning & Vocational Education Evangelist, Founder CEO - GOLS
ASSESSâ„¢ is an online testing solution for progressive corporate houses. Powerful and featurerich, it lets you measure accurately the skill level of every employee in your organisation. These include technical skills, soft skills and functional skills. Assessâ„¢ is much superior to conventional modes of testing which involve pen and paper.
Unique Features
  • Country-wide testing facility with ID checking and customised web interface bearing your company’s name and logo
  • Copyrighted voice technology: Test voice and accent online over a normal dial-up connection (28.8 Kbps modem)
  • E-mail and SMS notification (Student / Candidate / Administrator) at every stage
  • Adaptive Testing (Optional)
  • First Time online code compilation to test programmers on JAVA, C, C++, JSP, JAVA Script & HTML in real-time
  • Facility to develop customized tests in different domains - IT, LAW, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Bio Tech, Capital Markets etc.
  • Versatile report generator
Assessment & Survey Solutions

Assessâ„¢ Online Test security features
  • No leakage of question papers: Assessâ„¢ uses a special copyrighted software called CopyProtectâ„¢ residing in each student ’s machine that disallows copying of questions in any form; even screen dump / copy is disabled
  • Each student gets a distinct set of questions (Optional feature): The software randomly generates a unique set of questions for each student. This discourages copying and cheating
  • No physical handlings of question papers or answer sheets: Highly restricted access to the question bank: The examiner who set the question paper can directly key in the questions into a question bank. The right to edit / add / delete is given only to the examiner / Computer system administrator.
  • Highly restricted access to servers using bio-metrics
  • Protection against hacking by using robust firewall
  • Option to display candidate’s photo onscreen: for comparison with candidate
  • Easy revaluation with mirror image of answer sheets (Optional)
  • Easy to create tests
  • Easy to administer
  • Easy to attempt
  • Easy to deploy
  • Highly secure
  • Significant savings
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Instant evaluation
  • Variety of readymade question-bank Content
  • Special skills
  • Management Information System
  • Test centre infrastructure
Application Areas
  • Pre-hire & post hire testing
  • Compliance certification testing
  • Psychometric testing
  • Qualifying Tests
  • Proficiency Tests
  • Recruitment / Entrance Exams
Deployment Options: The above solution is available on an ASP or BTF (on a Perpetual License basis or Annual license) model.