Online Survey Solutions

This solution has been scientifically designed to make surveying an easy and enjoyable experience. Surveys hold the key to complex knowledge and information and hence are indispensable. However owing to the complexity of conducting surveys, organisations tend to stay away from surveys; the complexities include but are not limited to multiple vendor interaction, data tampering, developing a technology platform etc.
Our survey solutions span the spectrum of services including :
  • Survey consultancy, design and development
  • Solution delivery and rollout services
  • Technology solutions (Customizable)
  • Survey Hosting Services
ASSESSâ„¢ Survey Features
  • Sending invites / reminders to respondents via email / SMS
  • Maintaining address book of respondents
  • Scheduling / creating surveys from scratch or copy from existing surveys
  • Survey invitations can be rule based or open to public
  • Reminders to participants for taking the survey
  • Reminders to clients to renew their license packs
  • Surveys can be simple or adaptive in nature
  • If the survey is related to services being offered by a department or division then based on the response show different questions
  • For every survey, automated reminders to respondents can be set at any interval
  • Over 30 different easily integrated design templates
  • Survey Question Response Types
  • Choice - One Answer (drop down)
  • Date and Time
  • Multiple Response
  • Open ended one or more lines with prompt
  • Open ended one line
  • Open ended - Comments Box
  • Ranking Question
  • Rating Scale – Matrix
  • Rating Scale - One Answer Horizontal
  • Single Response
  • Yes or No
  • Question Response statistics
  • The average and detailed response for every question
  • User Response statistics
  • User wise response i.e. view the responses given by each user
  • Question Answer Report
  • Percentage wise response matching survey taken by administrator
  • Survey Statistical Report
  • Graphical representation of the above reports
  • Survey duration Report
  • Depicts an average of the time taken to give a survey
All the above reports are depicted statistically by bar graphs and pie charts. The same can be exported to MS-Excel or PDF
  • Quick and easy to design
  • Remotely monitor the activity of respondents
  • Results in real-time
  • Customize as per your requirement
  • Get custom developed templates and pages
  • Get a questionnaire developed and validated by our panel of experts
  • Get reports in the format of your choice
  • You decide on validity and number of responses
  • SMS reminders, phone in reminders
  • Get a database of consumers to choose from email and phone numbers
  • India based support on a toll free number
  • We also provide end-to-end survey solutions, we create, we invite, we analyze and present you with the findings
Application Areas
  • Customer Fulfillment Survey :
    Are customers delighted with products and services?
  • Customer / Merchant Survey :
    Does the customer believe that we deliver what we promise?
  • Best Practices Survey :
    Who does it best? What can we do better and who should we try to be like in each area?
  • Customer Feedback Survey :
    Listen to what your customers have to say.
  • Lead Generation Survey :
    Qualifying survey with a model that evaluates lead potential, what information do they need, what areas are of interest, how interested are they (5 star rating).customer feedback model for detail and refinement.
  • Sales Information Feedback Survey :
    What information do they need to buy from site or from your business?
  • Product and Service Feedback Survey :
    Evaluation, concept testing, advertising, customer service, satisfaction.
  • Customer Push Survey :
    Expert decision maker feedback helps them decide or purchase.
  • Customer Lead / Customer Conversion/ Why Didn’t You Buy Survey :
    In retail, 80% of non purchases is due to wrong merchandise selection. Did they buy what they planned. and if they bought elsewhere, why didn’t they buy from you?
  • Employee Turnover and Burnout Survey :
    Predicting your turnover and employee burnout rate.
  • Employee Work Climate Survey :
    What is your work environment like as perceived by employees and compared to similar firms?
  • Employee Selection Survey :
    How about matching job type with employee capabilities.
  • Waste Survey :
    Employee feedback, suggestions and waste reduction insights.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey :
    Post purchase evaluation and improvement of products, services to identify service or product defects.
  • Future Customer Sales Center :
    I’m probably going to be buying at this time. help me out.
  • Unique Uses Contest :
    Identify unique uses for the product that adds additional sales.
  • Where Can I Reach You :
    Where should I advertise, e-mail, other contact information?
  • Comparative Brand / Company Analysis
  • Testimonial Survey :
    I like the company/products because.
Deployment Options : The above solution is available on an ASP or BTF (on a Perpetual License basis or Annual license) model.