mLearning or Mobile Learning is any sort of learning where the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies. At GOLS, we call this mLearnâ„¢. GOLS has spent many man years developing tools, techniques and unique
mobile pedagogies that surround mLearnâ„¢.  mLearnâ„¢ services include:
  • Deployment of mLearnâ„¢ LMS to track mobile learning
  • mLearnâ„¢ content for training and assessment:
    • Flash Based
    • Video Based
    • Audio Based
    • SMS Based
  • Conduct Assessments / Evaluations
  • Deliver technical training via SMS
Some challeges that are faced in this form of learning are:
  • Internet connectivity and battery life
  • Screen and key size
  • Multiple standards, multiple screen sizes, multiple operating systems like windows® mobile OS, Symbian OS, Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android etc. Screen sizes vary from 320x240 to 120x60 pixels
  • Repurposing existing e-Learning materials for mobile platforms which involves downsizing the content that was made for 800x600 pixels resolutions to fit that of mobile screens
The future trends that are currently being researched across the globe and in India are:
  • Point-and-shoot learning with camera phones (i.e. creating content on the move)
  • Sensors and accelerometers (accelerometers are sensors or transducers used for measuring accelerations in applications such as navigation, vehicular safety systems) in mobile devices in behavioral based learning (Behavior Based Learning understands the importance of individuality. Behavior Based Learning utilizes principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a teaching methodology based upon demonstration, objective evidence, and direct measures).
  • Mobile content creation (including user generated content)
  • Games and simulation for learning on mobile devices GOLS does ongoing research on all of above so that you can keep ahead. GOLS is eager to work with any organisation to introduce mLearnâ„¢ as a part of your learning and development initiative.​