Make A Difference From Day One

At GOLS, we strongly believe that eLearning has tremendous potential, and can work wonders for our society, our nation and our world. Most importantly, we believe we are in the business of creating wealth , and we promote tremendous opportunities for wealth creation in our business , for our stake holders. We believe our employees who are our primary stakeholders , have an important stake in the wealth creation process.

Our passion for eLearning translates into several activities – writing scripts, creating course material, writing codes, designing intuitive user interfaces etc. It is a shared passion for innovation, inspiration, creativity and above all, a firm belief in the value of eLearning and the difference it can make in peoples lives. Explore the limits of your potential.

Life @ GOLS

  • We believe in the Nike adage ‘Just do it'. Only we say, ‘Just do it, right away!'
  • Time means money. We like to use it prudently.
  • When it comes to meeting deadlines, we always strive to better our personal records.
  • We spend the company's money like we would our own.
  • We believe in an open-door policy.
  • We do not forgive dishonesty.
  • We take care of the company's assets as we would our own.
  • We believe in ‘equality at the workplace'. No favourites and no politicking here.
  • We firmly believe that employees are central to the wealth creation process.
  • We strive to achieve harmony at the workplace.

We believe that our employees are our biggest asset. So , we offer an environment that enables them to give their best.