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India’s one and only online language learning portal that offers world-class training in ten foreign languages now launches Digital Language Lab. Our language lab solution has become the solution of choice for over seven million learners globally as well as thousands of corporate, government and education clients. Helping customers achieve language mastery through quality learning solutions is our passion. Our process and approach of teaching languages is what makes us—and our clients—industry leaders.

List of languages include, American English, British English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese. The course(s) help you learn a foreign language completely and easily. The lessons cover all aspects of learning a language, written and oral expression, grammar and vocabulary, oral and written comprehension. The program focuses on essential linguistic skills at various levels of proficiency. Multimedia elements like video, audio and images bring interactivity to learning.

The special feature of our Language Lab is the patented speech recognition technology that trains you to acquire the ability to speak like a native (Voice and Accent). Your pronunciation is compared to that of native speakers, which is already preset in the system along with interactive dialogues of everyday and professional spheres of life.

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“Fluency over a language, is the basic survival kit for today’s leaders”

- Shailesh H. Mehta,

eLearning & Vocational Education Evangelist, Founder CEO - GOLS