EduVarsityâ„¢ - Admission to Certification for Universities & Institutions

Setting up an EduVarsityâ„¢
(Coined term for Virtual Education University) for any university is a landmark event in its history. It signifies its foray into the new age and technology domain offering access to tens of thousands of virtual learners.
What is an EduVarsityâ„¢?
Put simply, it is an institution’s “Virtual Campus”.
An environment that empowers administrators, faculties, guest lecturers to deliver education across geographies without having to setup huge infrastructure and delivering at their Desktop/Laptop/Mobile.
It enables an education experience that is not inferior to traditional classroom based learning. Students from across the globe can log on to their education institution’s varsity, collaborate and learn. At the same time faculties can monitor and track student progress of an ongoing course irrespective of numbers and geography.
"Distance learning has served useful purpose since its inception. EduVarsityâ„¢ - Admission to Certification uses Internet to leapfrog into the next level. It offers efficient and versatile Admission Process. For students it offers, high level of interactivity, excellent feedback and support, rich lab experience; all culminating into a unique 'student centric' learning thus delivering higher passing percentages and placements. Universities/Institutions can integrate entire education value chain, expand reach, lower costs and effectively tackle faculty shortage."
-Shailesh H. Mehta
eLearning & Vocational Education Evangelist, Founder CEO - GOLS