Largest library of India Centric Off-the-shelf (OTS) Courseware

Over the years, we have developed over 5000 hours of learning content in 16 industry domains. This is the largest library of India specific courses. These courses are SCORM and AICC compliant. They can be easily integrated into any SCORM compliant LMS. These courses are available in the following domains:

  • Financial Services
  • IT/ITeS
  • Banking
  • Spoken English
  • Insurance and more…
  • Bio-tech & Pharma
  • eSecurity
  • Organised Retail
  • Power & Petroleum

These courses are developed in partnership with domain training institutions (e.g. Indian School of Petroleum), industry associations, universities and institutions, companies focused on respective domains (like Auralog, France, for foreign languages) and industry experts (Banking courses, BPO courses)

Off-the-shelf courseware is available with the following licensing option :

GOLS has a very flexible, customer centric and affordable user license policy. Please enquire about details with our representative.

Blended – OTS and Custom Content

GOLS can give you the desired modules from our OTS library, as per your choice, combined with custom content as per your organizational need. Moreover if you need content upgradation / deletion, the same will be done based on our published tariffs for custom content basis only.

GOLS also provides option of selected content from our content library in your company name ready-to-use hosted microsite. This enables you to kick start eLearning in a matter of days!

Important :

The licenses are governed by GOLS | End-user license agreements. This is a legal instrument governing the usage or redistribution of copyright protected courseware(s). All courseware not in the public domain are copyright protected. A typical license grants an end-user permission to use one or more copies of software in ways where such a use would otherwise constitute infringement of the software publisher’s exclusive rights under copyright law. In effect, the license acts as a promise from the software publisher not to sue the end-user for engaging in activities that would normally be considered exclusive rights belonging to the software publisher.