Career Counseling (C2) + National Career Aptitude Test (N-CAT)

With the ever increasing fields of studies and multitudes of career options, students, parents and teachers are confused about the right career options. In addition, peer pressure and parental expectations add to students’ woes. It is true that each student is born with a distinct set of abilities, and each of them has the potential to excel in life. However, the real challenge is to find the distinct set of abilities (or what we call aptitude) and the right career options that will best suit a particular student. We, at GOLS | Academy, have understood this problem and worked rigorously to find solutions. After rigorous research and working with industry experts, we are now pleased to introduce National Career Aptitude Test (N-CAT) + Career Counselling (C2), an online test followed by an one-to-one session with our expert counsellors, to help students, parents and teachers resolve this issue in the most scientific and student-friendly way.

N-CAT and C2 are offered by GOLS | Academy, a division of Gurukul Online Learning Solutions (GOLS). Set up in 2001, GOLS is a pioneer and leader in eLearning in the country. GOLS develops specialised solutions for corporate houses, educational institutions and retail students (B2C - Students) in numerous spheres - synchronous and asynchronous learning, high-end strategy consulting, customised content development, cutting-edge web collaboration and more. GOLS is the largest eLearning company with existing student strength of over 1,00,000.

The entire program has been designed by expert psychologists and counsellors having more than a decade of counselling experience. Students take, N-CAT a 90 minutes online test, for holistic evaluation of their aptitude and psychometric profile. N-CAT analyzes student’s Verbal, Numerical, Mechanical, Spatial and General Aptitude for different careers. The test also undertakes psychometric profiling that helps determine preference for a particular career. The test can be taken anytime from school’s computer lab, home, cybercafé or any place with Internet connectivity...

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“N-CAT + C2 is a Pan – India, multi-disciplinary attempt to provide career counselling on scientific basis. When you choose a career based on your distinct aptitude and strength, probability of success is significantly higher than otherwise.”

- Shailesh H. Mehta,

eLearning & Vocational Education Evangelist, Founder CEO - GOLS