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EduVarsityâ„¢ combines the benefits of flexibility and convenience of classroom and provides experience and faculty support of classroom learning and more :

This sounds unbelievable but true. With EduVarsity students can study at their convenient time and as many time as they wish. Besides, with Video Based Training (VBTâ„¢), it is possible to provide personalised classroom learning to students in the self pace mode. Add to this Live Virtual Classroom and chat, you also get Live faculty support for doubts and query solving. Discussion board provides added benefits. In addition, facility to view archive classes and attend Virtual Lab provides enhanced learning experience.

Low Investment in Infrastructure (hosted or ASP Pay-as-go Model) and lower risks :

In the event of starting new departments and schools you have to spend crores of rupees to set up, maintain and upkeep these facilities. However, with EduVarsityâ„¢ you can start new courses with very little investment thereby lowering risk, too.

Greater Collaboration :

EduVarsity™ provides real time collaborative learning between teacher and students via Live Virtual Classroom and Chat. Discussion board provides collaborative learning experience between teacher and students and amongst students in a flexible and convenient way. Such discussion forum over a period of time collects repository of answers which covers most if not all of student’s doubts and queries.

Higher Retention :

EduVarsity™ provides multisensory learning experience which caters to individual student’s learning styles and preferences. Features like archived classes reinforce learning of difficult topics. As a result, retention is frequently better than that provided in a traditional classroom. It follows the age old adage "good teaching is good teaching no matter how it is done".

Time and Cost Saving for the University :

Although setting up EduVarsityâ„¢ requires an initial investment in time and money, in the long run, the EduVarsityâ„¢ provides significant time and cost saving in education delivery. Investment in printing and distribution of course material is lower. It is possible to provide enhanced learning with a fewer faculties. With Online assessment, exams can be conducted securely and in a hassle free way.

EduVarsity™ provides ‘Students Centric’, Faculty Centric’ and ‘Administrator Centric’ Learning all at the same time without any one impinging on the other :

This sounds contradictory but is true. Due to multisensory and collaborative experience as enumerated above, EduVarsity™ provides ‘Students Centric’ learning. Faculty can reuse the saved material in the PC/Laptop; faculty can focus more on difficult subjects, real life case study. Since different students’ test scores are available real time, it is possible to assist weak students with additional lectures and material, thus EduVarsity promotes ‘faculty centric’ learning. With much lower upfront and ongoing investment, lower all-round costs and higher reach, EduVarsity™ offers unmatched benefits to Administrators. In addition, comprehensive reporting at every stage as described herein elsewhere provides unique ‘Administrator Centric’ experience.

Real Time Update :

EduVarsity offers you latest technologies which provide real time update/reminders by way of email and SMS. This provides much higher learning experience to students, faculties and administrators alike.